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Office Staff during Covid-19

Limited staff in the office as of March 17, but all staff are available via email. The staff will be operating on their usual work hours, whether at home or in the office. 

Updated 3/17/2020-current Covid-19 testing sites:

Coronavirus - Maryland Department of Health - Symptoms Testing  

Updated 1/7/2021 Covid-19 Vaccine Info:

Updated 1/12/2021

2019-2020 Maryland School Guide

School District Publishing is proud to present the 2019-2020 Maryland School Guide.  Please find your complimentary copy via the book Picture link to the left.

Maryland's Recovery Plan for Education

MSDE has published a comprehensive "Recovery Plan for Maryland Education" addressing topics such as the path forward to re-open schools,

It has come to our attention that there has been a mix-up of member names on a member benefit mailing from one of our approved Maryland Retired School Personnel Association member benefit providers. The return address on the mailing includes the MRSPA logo and our name followed by Association Member Benefits Advisors, 6034 West Courtyard Dr., Suite 300, Austin, TX 78730-5035. AMBA has been an MRSPA member benefit provider for many years. The contents of the mailing were approved by MRSPA, and it started to hit member mailboxes yesterday (August 11, 2020). This is what the return address looks like on the envelope.

Updated 8/12/2020

The problem is that people are getting mail that is sent to the correct address with someone else’s name on it, another MRSPA member, not them. 

The name not matching the address on the envelope problem is likely the result of a computer/technology glitch at AMBA’s printing or mailing house that resulted in our member addresses being associated with an incorrect member name. AMBA has been informed and is continuing to investigate.


Please be advised that it is safe to open these mailings, the information in them is good and pertinent to MRSPA members. This mailing is NOT a scam and no one’s identity has been stolen. There is no need to return to sender or be alarmed that the address on the envelope is yours, but the name is not. We have been assured by AMBA that nothing untoward has occurred.


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