Renew with MRSPA

How Do I Renew?

There are three ways:  

1.   If paying by check, print the Renewal Form 2020-2021, complete it, and mail it with a check to the MRSPA Office.  If you want dues deduction, fill out the dues deduction paragraph on this form and do NOT send a check.

2.   Use the online form below to renew by credit/debit card. 

Please contact the MRSPA Office if you have any questions, by phone at     410-551-1517 or

3.  Dues Authorization form  Already renewed and want dues deduction next year?   Print, complete form, and mail it to the MRSPA Office.  Switching to dues deduction for 2020-2021 will SAVE you $10 this year with a one-time reduction in state dues. Complete the Switch and Save form.

Membership dues are $45 annually for the state association, plus your local dues. Members who pay by check or credit card will receive an annual billing in June.

Billing notices are available by hard copy or by email.  Members who authorize deduction have their dues paid from their July check each year.  Dues deduction members will not receive an annual bill.    

Please note: You may receive error messages if you're using an iPad to fill in the renewal form. You may need to use a desktop instead of a mobile device.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Contact Us:

8379 Piney Orchard Parkway,Suite A
Odenton, MD 21113-1508

Phone: 410.551.1517 
Toll-free: 1.877.625.6782 


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