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Consumer Education Committee

Committee Chair:            

  • Phyllis Cherry, Anne Arundel County

Committee Charge:          

  • The charge to the committee is to promote the well-being of the membership by helping them obtain the services and appropriate information in order to become informed consumers

Chair Responsibilities:

  • Submit reports and attend Board of Directors Meetings and Annual Business Meetings

Phyllis Cherry.jpg

Collaboration with other Committees:

  • Meet with existing committees to plan activities and to share information when appropriate

Committee Responsibilities:

  • To promote the well being of retired school personnel by helping them to obtain the services and information to solve or avoid personal problems.

  • To serve the membership as a source of information about available services and resources in their immediate communities.

  • To serve as a source of information for consumer issues.

  • To promote educational and service programs emphasizing health care, independent living, alternative housing options, consumer fraud, and legal measures.

The Consumer Education Committee publishes the Consumer Connection Newsletter, a bi-monthly newsletter for local association presidents and Consumer Education Committee Chairpersons as a source of information about concerns and issues facing retirees.

Current Consumer Connection Newsletter - July/Aug 2024

2019-2024 Consumer Connection Newsletter editions - Click on The Resources webpage

These and other Resources can be found on the Publications and Resources webpage

For information on adult mobility and tips on how to stay safe, visit the CDC's mobility plan guidelines here!


For information on programs and services for older Marylanders and their families visit the Maryland Department of Aging website at:

To print a copy of the FYI File click here (revised)!  Or, to fill in/type info on form and print, click here.

  [A Record of Contact, Financial, and Legal Information]


To print a copy of the Medical Information Card [EMS] click here

Avoiding Scams and Fraud - download the Maryland General Attorney Consumer Guide

"Navigating Senior Community Living" - recorded 1/18/2023.  Click here to watch on YouTube.

"Preventing Scams and Fraud Virtual Seminar" - Recording of the 1/6/2021 seminar on YouTube click here to go directly to the video

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