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Publications, Videos and Other  Resources

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Other Resources

MRSPA Bylaws 


2022 NRTA Leadership Resource Manual click here(update 11/2022)

AMBA Increasing Membership Guide

Facebook Training Powerpoint

Seminars and Videos

 "Facebook Group Training"

Recorded 4/8/2024

Click here to watch on YouTube

"Legislative  Workshop" 

Recorded  1/30/2024.  

Click here to watch on YouTube.

"Joint Membershsip Meeting"

Recorded 11/2/2023

Click here to watch.

Joint Membershsip Meeting"
Recorded 6/1/2023

Click here to watch on YouTube.

"Meet and Greet Meeting" 

Recorded 11/08/2023.  

Click here to watch.

"Legislative  Workshop" 

Recorded  1/31/2023.  

Click here to watch on YouTube.

NRTA 75th Anniversary Film.  Released July 5, 2022

"Navigating Senior Community Living", 

Recorded 1/18/2023

Click picture or here to watch on YouTube.

"Preventing Scams and Fraud Virtual Seminar" - Recorded of the 1/6/2021 seminar on YouTube - click here to go directly to the video

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