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About Fusco Financial

Since 1986, we have been committed to serving clients with a high level of personal service and a disciplined approach to managing and preserving wealth. We have established a reputation for excellence by offering carefully considered financial guidance to individuals, business owners, professionals, organizations and corporate retirement plans throughout Baltimore and beyond.

Our professionals work in a collaborative environment that revolves around our clients. We serve business owners, professionals, executives and retirees in all 50 states, as well as nonprofit organizations and corporate retirement plans. One thing all our clients share is our ongoing commitment to serving them with a hands-on approach and high level of financial expertise.

Workshop & Seminars

It has become an accepted truth that physical and financial fitness are interrelated. The effects of one impact the other, and both impact the workplace. While figures vary, most studies document that financial stress significantly affects relationships & peoples lives. The advisors at Fusco Financial Associates have partnered with MRSPA to provide customized financial education for its members. 

Analyze Economic and Market Factors

Our investment committee convenes on a regular basis to discuss the markets, as well as macroeconomic conditions, in order to outline and modify our asset allocation models. We give special attention to opportunities that may exist, as well as potential short-term and long-term threats. The committee is diligent about developing strategies that are free from emotion-triggered decisions and ill-advised attempts to time the market.

Select Appropriate Investments

Selecting the appropriate investments for each managed portfolio is a constant and meticulous part of our process. There are very few limits to the types of investments that can be utilized, and it is not uncommon for our investment committee to introduce into portfolios mutual funds, equities, bonds, and alternative investments that have met the rigorous prerequisites by which the selected investments are measured.

Our goal is to select investments with long-term track records of success, and blend those core positions with satellite, or secondary, positions. Investments are only used if, and for as long as, they meet stated performance tolerances. No allegiance is given to any one holding.

Past performance is not indicative of future results. Investing involves risks including the possible loss of capital. Every individual’s circumstances are unique and they should consult with a professional prior to making an investment decision.

Monitor and Rebalance Portfolios

An investment process must not be complacent or stagnant. This is why we use an intricate rebalancing system  to review portfolios and proactively implement changes when conditions warrant. We review portfolios to ensure they are meeting their stated objectives and asset allocations, and to help ensure that volatility is appropriately hedged. In addition, we review individual investments to make sure they still offer the most appropriate option in their asset class or peer group, and justify continued inclusion in the portfolio.

A member of our analytical team contacts advisory clients at least quarterly to discuss their portfolios and any recent changes made. We welcome input from our clients regarding their portfolios, and do our best to blend their insights with the discretion we maintain in each advisory account. We also urge each client to sit down with us for a comprehensive review of their portfolios at least once a year. 

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