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MRSPA Legislative Program

MRSPA advocates for its over 12,000 members.  MRSPA works to protect defined benefit pensions and a secure retirement for all Marylanders.


MRSPA works to protect defined benefit pensions and a secure retirement for all Marylanders.


Rationale: Pensions contribute to the state economy and promote personal financial security. Full actuarial funding of the state pension system and the legislated make-up contributions to the system are economically, legally, and morally important, while ensuring sustainability of the pension fund.



MRSPA supports legislation to reduce crime and violence against seniors.

Rationale: MRSPA advocates for the prevention of abuse and neglect of vulnerable adults and seniors.


MRSPA supports legislation that provides protection from identity theft, fraud, scams, and financial exploitation of seniors and vulnerable adults. 

Rationale: Fraud and financial crimes targeting seniors continue to increase.


MRSPA supports legislation that provides full funding of local school systems. MRSPA also supports legislation that enhances health care for all Marylanders including the cost of prescription drugs.

Rationale: Local school systems provide health benefits/options for retired personnel. These benefits are essential for a secure retirement.

Computer desktop

MRSPA supports legislation and grant programs to promote access to computers, the internet, and training to decrease the isolation of seniors and to close the digital divide.


Rationale: Lack of access to broadband, Wi-Fi, and internet-based programs limit access to telehealth/telemedicine, connections with family and friends, and access to news and other current information.



MRSPA supports services and communities that help seniors age in place and remain healthy, active, and independent.

Rationale: As the population ages, seniors should have safe and appropriate living options that ensure a high quality of life. 


MRSPA supports legislation to address the rising cost of long term care insurance.

Rationale: Seniors who invested in long-term care insurance to provide for their own care are faced with unreasonable price increases or a loss of benefits. These increases are prohibitively expensive and should be negotiable and greatly limited.


MRSPA supports legislation designed to enhance public education and promote lifelong learning for all students.

Rationale: Support for public education and lifelong learning is essential to forming an educated and productive citizenry. Curriculum decisions made in support of public education and lifelong learning must be the responsibility of State and Local Boards of Education.



MRSPA supports legislation that protects the right of every eligible citizen to vote. 

Rationale: Voting rights of seniors must be protected including voter ID requirements, access to the ballot box, absentee and mail in voting, and time and place of voting. 

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