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Public Relations Committee

Committee Chair:                  

  • Lynn Cox, CalvertCounty

Committee Charge:          

  • To work with the President, Executive Director, and other
    MRSPA committees to develop strategies that help 
    Association work toward its vision and mission statement
    and to achieve the Association’s goals.

Committee Responsibilities:     

In order to promote MRSPA and to increase general awareness and membership, the Public      Relations Committee:

  • Provides news releases for MRSPA activities

  • Provides local associations with a variety of print materials for use at pre-retirement seminars, luncheons, and other community meetings

  • Provides Public Relations content for inclusion in the MRSPA Resource Manual

  • Assists local associations in developing and maintaining a website, as requested

  • Assists local associations in setting up a Facebook page, as requested

  • Works with other committees on branding efforts for the association

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