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History of MRSPA


2019 Annual Meeting MRSPA Past Presidents: Row (L-R) Parker Koons (1999-2000), Chuck Ridgeway(2008-2010), E. Stuart Tucker (2012-2014)

Row (L-R)Bonnie Brose (2010-2012), Frances W. "Fay" Miller (2016-2018) 

2022 Annual Meeting MRSPA Past Presidents: from left, Ann Marie Downy (2018-2020) and Bonnie Brose (2010-2012)


2023 Annual Meeting MRSPA Past Presidents

2022-2023 Annual Meeting MRSPA Local Presidents


The Retired Teachers of the State of Maryland, now known as the Maryland Retired School Personnel Association (MRSPA), was formed initially on May 16, 1945 by a group of 23 retired teachers. The primary concern of this group was a financial one, much as it continues to be today. Dues were set at $1/year. Through the 70 years of its existence, MRSPA has had 46 presidents, serving a term from one year to three years, with the exception of the first president, Mary Ellen Logan, who served from 1945 to 1952.  

In 1956, the Association had grown to 600 members and continued to grow!


The name of the Association was officially changed to the Maryland Retired Teachers Association at a meeting on October 21, 1960. Membership now numbered 722. During 1962 legislation was passed to change the retirement formula, giving increased pensions to state retirees.

In 1968, The Maryland Retired Teachers Association co-hosted the Area III NRTA meeting in Baltimore. Membership now reached 979.

In 1972, membership was reported at 1,348. At the 1972 Annual Business Meeting the quota system for delegates was established with one delegate per 25 members, to a maximum of 20 delegates per local association.


Both editions of Our Legacy and Our Legacy II were made available and copies were sent to every local in the state. These publications by Louise Walker included memories and stories from throughout the State of Maryland.


In the early 1990's, a state office was opened in Odenton. An executive director was employed to facilitate organizing and staffing the new office. The office staff now includes the executive director, an office manager, administrative assistant, and secretary.

Membership reached 15,000 in 2001. From that time to the present, MRSPA continues to encourage retirees to join our ranks, as we know there is strength in numbers.

In 2006, the name of the Association was changed to the Maryland Retired School Personnel Association (MRSPA), and membership was opened to include all retired school personnel.

2020 brought a Covid-19 pandemic. We met the challenge of quarantines, masks, and social distancing.  We transitioned to virtual zoom calls on the Internet. People were able to see others from all over the state, some we would not have seen in person due to the pandemic or travel distances.  


2021 allowed us to celebrate our 75th birthday of the Maryland Retired School Personnel at our virtual 2021 Annual Business Meeting.  Covid-19 was still lingering, but it was a great meeting. Our members are the greatest!


2022 allowed us to have an in-person meeting, the first in 2 years.  Even though Covid-19 was still lingering people wore masks and tables were spaced out.  Everyone who attended had a good time while meeting old friends and enjoying the meeting.

2023's Annual Business Meeting was a wild success! As mask mandates and social distancing requirements were lifted for many, our members were able to interact face-to-face with many of their fellow MRSPA members and friends! 


The Maryland Retired School Personnel will continue to lead the way and work hard for the retired educational personnel of the State of Maryland.

We look forward to the next decade and beyond!

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