Membership Awards

Membership Awards 2020:

• Largest Numerical Increase

       Small: Calvert County – 15
• Largest Percentage Increase

       Small: Queen Anne’s County – 5.13%

• Largest Numerical Increase

       Medium: Howard County – 47
• Largest Percentage Increase
       Medium: Howard County – 3.00%


• Largest Numerical Increase –
       Large: Montgomery County – 118

Local Associations Recognized at Annual Business Meeting

for 2018-2019 Membership Gains

The recognition categories for membership awards are as follows: Small (1 to 199 members); Medium (200 to 899 members); and Large (900 members plus).  Awards were given for the top performers in each group, based on percentage increase and numerical increase.

Small Locals Percentage Increase Award:

Kent County - 4.3%

Small Locals Numerical Increase Award:

Dorchester County - 16 new members

Medium Locals Percentage Increase Award:

St. Mary's County - 6.73%

Medium Locals Numerical Increase Award:

Howard County - 64 new members

Large Locals Numerical Increase Award:

Montgomery County - 96 new members

Honorable Mention for Reaching Six-Percent Goal:

Howard County - 6.59%

St. Mary's County - 6.73%


Membership Chair Ruth Clendaniel with Howard County Co-Presidents, Sue Mascaro and Addie Kaufman.