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Travel Committee

Committee Chair:                  

  • Harold Siskind, St. Mary's County

Committee Charge:          

  • To offer tours, both nationally and internationally, through
    a variety of travel vendors that offer the best value
    all members

  • To provide a description of all tours to all members

Committee Responsibilities:     

  • To select trips/tours/cruises that would be of interest to members

  • To determine approximate dates for each selected trip

  • To solicit bids from a variety of travel vendors on selected trips

  • To select which vendors/tours will be offered

  • To  notify vendors of the committee’s decisions

  • To advertise the trips to members

  • To review the evaluations of each trip

Harold Siskind for website.png

For information on the MRSPA travel opportunities, please go to the Travel pages.  

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