Thank you for being a member of MRSPA!  There is truly strength in our numbers!

MRSPA asks that you to use this Switch and Save form by changing your method of membership dues payment to one annual deduction from your state retirement/pension check.  It is safe and easy.  Currently 8,800 members pay by deduction.  We will need your social security number.  Your number is shared ONLY with the state retirement agency, to ensure you are a state retiree, and the paper is destroyed by our administrative staff.  

If you would like to Switch and Save, click here for a form to print, complete, and mail to the MRSPA Office.  You will need to put your entire social security number on the form, not just the last four digits.  

If you would prefer not to mail your social security number, you may call the MRSPA Office at 410-551-1517 or toll-free at 877-625-6782 to relay your number.  You will still need to print and mail the authorization form with your signature.  

If you have any questions, please contact the MRSPA Office by email at

Signing up for dues deduction can help MRSPA stretch your valuable dues dollars by saving the huge paper, printing, and postage costs of mailings each year, while saving many trees in the process.


Dues deduction saves you time and money.  No bills in the mail, no more writing and mailing checks hoping the mail goes through, and then having the satisfaction that your dues are paid on time. The state pension system will send you a notice that the money was taken out and paid.  So you'll know for your records.

As a bonus, when you switch to dues deduction, you will save by receiving a one-time $10 reduction in MRSPA dues for the 2021-2022 membership year.  That's $35 rather than $45 for the entire year!  Your local association dues will remain unchanged.

Dues deduction makes sense. Membership renewal is automatic. 

It's a win-win!