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Being able to travel is just one of the wonderful benefits of being retired.  The MRSPA Travel Committee has been able to offer a wide variety of trips to many interesting places for members to enjoy. We hope it is a convenient way for you to plan your vacations - it’s always fun to travel with fellow retirees and friends.

Please take time to look over our travel insert and start thinking about which parts of the world you’d like to visit. Don’t delay booking as some tours sell out quickly. You may print the full-color fliers from the website, or contact our travel partners directly for a color brochure.  Be sure to mention the MRSPA package pricing for the trip.  

Click on the above picture to see "The Joys of Retirement Travel", a *pdf file created by one of our MRSPA members.

Please NOTE:  Proof of full vaccination against COVID-19 may be required to travel on some tours. Check with vendor of your chosen trip. 

Are you ready to see some of these places on a trip sponsored by MRSPA? Can you imagine which trip you will be on when you see the picture?


Look at the pictures to get excited and then check the Travel pages to find out more about each trip. (most pictures taken by L. Siskind; a few by vendors)

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