Committee Chair:                  

  • Dr. Debbie Chance, Talbot County

Committee Charge:          

  • To raise funds for the MRSPA Endowment Fund

  • To plan for the distribution of the allotted portion of the annual
    investment return for purposes approved by 
    the Board of


Committee Responsibilities:     

  • To plan and execute a fund raising program

  • To review and revise the Scholarship Application form

  • To establish timelines for the application, evaluation and notification process

  • To  notify Maryland Boards of Education of the scholarship, application process and timelines

  • To select awardees

  • To notify awardees by phone and letters

  • To update the Scholarship Newsletter


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Scholarship Committee


The Maryland Retired School Personnel Association Fund provides scholarship monies for currently employed educational personnel in the public schools of Maryland to become fully certified and qualified teachers.  The MRSPA Fund was established in 1999 with a generous donation to the Association by the late Irl and Ella Beall, longtime MRSPA members.  In the past years, contributions from MRSPA members and friends of the Association have helped this fund grow.

The Association is committed to use only interest and dividends from the Fund and proceeds from our annual raffle to award annual scholarships.  Selection of the scholarship recipients is a joint process between the MRSPA Scholarship Committee and the Community Foundation of Frederick County.  With the approval of the MRSPA Board of Directors and the Community Foundation of Frederick County Board of Trustees, the fund can be used to support programs having community benefit, which are sponsored by the Maryland Retired School Personnel Association.  

Fifty-nine (59) scholarships have been awarded as of May 2022.  Each year, the MRSPA Scholarship Committee strives to increase the number of scholarships awarded, as well as, increasing the amount given.

MRSPA members and friends of the Association are urged and encouraged to make yearly contributions to this fund.  Donations are accepted at any time from anyone.  They may be made to honor someone on special occasions, or in memory of a colleague or friend who has passed away.  Donations are fully tax-deductible.  To make an online donation, or to download a printable form, please visit our Donations page, which contains detailed instructions, downloadable brochures and forms, and a link to the Community Foundation of Frederick County online donation page. 

Click to view the 2022 MRSPA Scholarship Newsletter

Maryland Retired School Personnel Association Scholarship Winners-2021