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Donations to the Maryland Food Bank website is April 1-May 31, 2022.  

Donations for 2021 were $4,931 given by our generous members, staff, and friends!

Annual Business Meeting Food Drive to
Benefit Maryland Food Bank

The MRSPA Community Service Committee encourages  donations to the Maryland Food Bank to help the School Pantry at the Maryland Food Bank during April and May and during the 2022 Annual Business Meeting (ABM). You don't have to be a member of MRSPA to donate. 

Click here to go to the donation page, or click on the Maryland Food Bank Logo picture. Donations accepted March 10-May 31, 2022.

Please help us meet our $3,500 goal! 

The School Pantry Program is a partnership with local schools that allows food-insecure children and their families to access food assistance directly from their school.  The goal of the program is to minimize hunger and malnutrition for low-income households, while also encouraging parents to take an active role in their child's education and development.  This program is part of MFB Kids (TM), a youth outreach initiative sponsored by Giant that seeks to provide children with the nutrition needed to grow healthy and strong. 

Thank you for your support!

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