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Good Hearing is important to your health! That's why MRSPA has partnered with TruHearing, a comprehensive hearing care solution. Hearing aids can be expensive - an average of $2,400 per aid - but the TruHearing program saves you 30-60% off hearing aids.


Details of the program include...

Access to state-of-the-art technology:

TruHearing offers the latest technology from top hearing aid manufacturers, hearing solutions for virtually every type of hearing loss, and significantly lower prices on the same models sold at retail locations!

Personalized Care:

TruHearing's program provides guidance and assistance from a TruHearing Hearing Consultant, professional care from an accredited provider in your area, along with a hearing exam plus 1-year of follow-up visits for fitting and adjustments.

Help Along Your Way:

TruHearing offers a worry-free purchase with a 60-day risk free trial and 3-year warranty, 80 free batteries per aid included with non-rechargeable models, and guides to help you adapt to your new hearing aids!


Example Savings (per aid)

**Prices and products subject to change. For more information, visit**

To learn more or set up an appontment with a provider near you, contact a TruHearing Hearing Consultant at
1-833-898-1268 or

TruHearing prices plus a hearing aid allowance can save you even more! Not sure if you have an allowance? Call TruHearing to find out!
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