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MRSPA News Release-6/9/2022

Clerical Assistant part-time position at MRSPA

Click here for the Job Description. Deadline to submit is 6/30/2022.

New Membership Cards

Updated 3/1/2022

When you get your card and your name is spelled wrong, please email or call the office.  We will put you on the list for the next batch run of the cards. Keep in mind that the website address is:  (it is misspelled on one side of the card only). This will be corrected on further card productions. You will NOT get a new card to correct the website address.


News Release From MRSPA 1/14/2022

Because of production and shipping delays that are out of our control the new plastic MRSPA membership cards will NOT arrive by January 15, 2022.  Please do NOT call or email the MRSPA office about your cards not arriving.

We ask for your patience and understanding as we continue to work through this too lengthy process. 


MRSPA Office Procedures during Covid-19

The MRSPA office is open daily with staff working either in office or remotely. The best way to reach the MRSPA staff is via email at or by calling 410-551-1517. 

Anyone sending a membership dues check via the US Mail, should expect longer delays than usual in processing.

As MRSPA begins to hold in-person meetings again, attendees will be asked to provide proof of Covid vaccination before attending. Hybrid meetings will also be available. This will allow anyone attending a meeting to attend electronically if they prefer or if they are unvaccinated. 

Office staff will continue the additional cleaning procedures adopted prior to and during the pandemic. 

Updated 12/16/2021 Covid-19 Testing Sites:

Coronavirus - Maryland Department of Health - Symptoms Testing Covid-19 Vaccine Info:

COVID Death Benefit Press Release June 4, 2021

How to Use Zoom to Stay Connected.  Check out AARP's zoom video here

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Getting Connected:
The Emergency Broadband Benefit Program click here.

2019-2020 Maryland School Guide

School District Publishing is proud to present the 2019-2020 Maryland School Guide.  Please find your complimentary copy via the book Picture link to the left.

Maryland's Recovery Plan for Education

MSDE has published a comprehensive "Recovery Plan for Maryland Education" addressing topics such as the path forward to re-open schools,