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Hear In America

Since 1995, Hear In America has provided a value-added benefit plan to retiree groups.   They offer free hearing screenings to members and their immediate family, plus discounts on hearing aid purchases of 35-70% off of retail price, with additional warranties and even free batteries for three years after purchase.  One of the most valuable features of the Hear in America benefit plan is three years of office service included at no charge with all purchases.  They want to make members comfortable, knowing they are getting the support they need to be successful with their hearing aids for many years. 

Hear in America was started to help people get the hearing care they need.  So many members tell us “I’ve known for so long that I needed to do something about my hearing, but I just didn’t know where to begin.  Thank you for getting me started!” 

What Hearing Aids Are Best For You?  Read this file for answers from Hear in America.

Hear in America Free Benefits

As a member of MRSPA, you are entitled to the following benefits:

  • A professional hearing exam at no charge, 

  • A wide range of hearing aids at discounted prices with a low-price guarantee,

  • Professional fitting for your hearing aids to make sure that they suit your needs, without being needlessly complicated,

  • Three years of follow-up care (cleanings and adjustments) at that professional's office,

  • A three-year complete repair warranty: if the hearing aid can't be repaired in the office it will be sent to the manufacturer to replace all parts that are not at top function, 

  • Three years of loss and damage insurance so if you lose a hearing aid or it is damaged beyond repair, you can get a replacement for it with only a small deductible, 

  • And even three years of hearing aid batteries shipped to your door.  

For More Information, call 1-800-286-6149

A Few Details


  • Hear In America is American-owned and independent: they are not controlled by any hearing aid manufacturer or distributor.  The owners of the company are active in its daily operations. 


  • Hear In America has been serving retiree groups since 1995.  Their benefits cover members and their families, because hearing loss is a family problem.


  • Personal Attention: Real people answer the phones; members will not have to navigate a maze of “if you want to find a provider, push 2, etc.”


  • All testing and hearing aid care services are delivered in person.  Mail-order hearing aid services leaves too many opportunities for care to be missed, and leave the consumer at risk.


  • Dedicated and experienced staff: Over 30% of Hear In America's staff have been working for with the company for over five years.  Their entire staff has training in hearing loss and hearing aids, and they have licensed hearing aid dispensers on staff to get involved in technical issues as needed.

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