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MRSPA Videos and Webinars

"Cyber Fraud & Scams" - Recorded 11/21/2023 - Click picture or here to watch on YouTube

"Joint Membership Meeting", recorded  11/02/2023

Click picture to watch. - Fliers mentioned found on the resources page.

"Meet & Greet" - Recorded 11/08/2023 - Click picture to watch.

"Facebook Leadership Training"

recorded  9/6/2023

Click picture to watch.




​​MRSPA Scholarship Application

The 2023-2024 Application Period is now closed. Thank you to all who submitted applications!

MRSPA Scholarship FAQs

Community Service Award Nomination Forms, Criteria, & Categories

The 2023-2024 grant application period is now open. The deadline to submit your application is 4 p.m. on November 1, 2023.

MRSPA Classroom Grant Flyer

MRSPA Classroom Grant Form (Fillable)

MSRPA Classroom Grant Form (Printable)

Our Grant program is designed to support student needs-based projects that are not covered by the school system or parent-teacher organization.

MRSPA Nominations

The committee is searching for multiple officer candidates, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. The committee is also searching for non-board member candidates. More information is available on the forms below. Deadline for nominations is October 13, 2023.

Vice President Nominating Form (fill in on your computer, save, and email to MRSPA)


Secretary Nominating Form (fill in on your computer, save, and email to MRSPA)

Treasurer Nominating Form (fill in on your computer, save, and email to MRSPA)

Non-Board Member Nominating Form (fill in on your computer, save, and email to MRSPA)

August 2023 - SRPS By the Numbers

Click Below to see the August 2023 edition of SRPS' "By the Numbers!"

August 2023 SRPS By the Numbers

2023 COLA Press Release

Click Below to see the Cost of Living Adjustment eligible in July 2023!

2023 COLA Press Release

Maryland State Retirement and Pension System

Retiree News and Notes, July newsletterIt includes info on the monthly benefit increase with July 2022 COLA.


NEW  NRTA film on their NRTA 75th Anniversary

    AARP News

Check out AARP's zoom video here or on our web page!

SWITCH to dues deduction, and SAVE $10 on membership dues for 2023-2024!  Click on the above $ link for details. 

Consumer Connection Newsletter
November-December 2023

The new issue is on the Consumer Education Committee page and on the News & Events---Resources page.

The MRSPA News Winter 2023 issue is available for download under News and Events, on the MRSPA Newsletters page. Your hard copy will be delivered by regular mail in the next few weeks.

MRSPA Travel Evaluation

MRSPA requests that those who take advantage of our travel opportunities take the time to fill out a brief evaluation. All information provided is strictly confidential and encrypted. 

Click here to fill out the MRSPA Travel Evaluation!

I recently heard this time of year, September through December, referred to as Hallothanksmas. This portmanteau word conjures up memories of my childhood tri-holiday expectations of a bulging bag of Halloween candy, followed by the gastronomical delight of Thanksgiving dinner enjoyed with cousins at the children’s table, and culminating with waking up on Christmas Day to find that Santa had indeed read my letter. Years later, my 9th grade English students and I traveled through time with Philip Pirrip, a.k.a. Pip, as he sought his Great Expectations. Today, I have great expectations for MRSPA, the locals, and members as we continue to travel through 2023-2024 together.(continued on Presidents' Message Page)

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