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Our first online Seminar 1/2021.  See recorded video on YouTube page.

MRSPA "C’s” You…through
Communication, Commitment, Community

Scholarship/Grant News



Please consider a tax-deductible donation to the MRSPA Scholarship Fund.  Click the link for more information.

MRSPA Scholarship Applications

The scholarship application period is Jan 1 to Jan 31.  Check here for more information.

Please Note: This application may be used ONLY by those who are CURRENTLY EMPLOYED with a State of Maryland Public School Board.

“By awarding me a Maryland Retired School Personnel Association (MRSPA) Scholarship, much of the stress over financing this next semester’s load of courses has been diminished. I intend to use all that I am learning in graduate school to lift each of my  

students higher than I could have without this degree and scholarship. Thank you again for such a generous gift.”

Pauline Baek, Howard County

Donations to Maryland Food Bank

Donations to the Maryland Food Bank website will be live April 1-May 31, 2021. Use this link, or go to this webpage

Covid-19 News

Maryland.gov Covid-19 testing sites:

Coronavirus - Maryland Department of Health - Symptoms Testing

Maryland.gov Covid-19 Vaccine Info: https://covidlink.maryland.gov/content/vaccine/

How to Use Zoom to Stay Connected

Check out AARP's zoom video here

Other tip video links find on the "News and Events" page.

SWITCH to dues deduction, and SAVE $10 on membership dues for 2020-2021!  Click on the above $ link for details. 

Dental and Vision Plans 

New plans posted on this page.

"Preventing Scams and 

Fraud" Virtual Seminar video

See recorded video posted on the YouTube page.

As you begin to venture out into the world, please keep in mind that all retirees must stick together to retain our pensions and our other benefits.  We are eagerly anticipating our Annual Business Meeting on May 12.

Although it will be held virtually, we plan to include all of our delegates in the meeting. Officers will be elected, a budget adopted, and awards bestowed

As we all work toward homeostasis, I urge us to consider not going back to "normalcy" but rather, let us move forward to be better
people, better Americans, better community members who help our fellow man through these unprecedented times and beyond.

The MRSPA News March 2021 issue is available for download under News and Events, on the MRSPA Newsletters page. Your hard copy will be delivered by regular mail in the next few weeks.

Consumer Education Newsletter May-June 2021

The new issue is on the Consumer Education Committee page and on the News & Events---Resources page.