Executive Director's Message

Wanda Ruffo Twigg

We Can Do It!


Four little words that led American women into the factories to produce the munitions, aircraft and ships which enabled our manufacturing superiority that helped the Allies win WWII. The iconic cover created by Norman Rockwell of Rosie the Riveter, showing her strength and symbolizing so much more, means as much today as it did in 1943.


A generation of Americans stood together to support the war effort in any way they could, whether at home or abroad. Today, Americans are once again doing what they can to fight our invisible enemy, coronavirus. Whether it’s saving lives in a hospital, making sure grocery store shelves are filled or staying home to protect themselves and their family, we are proving once again, that We Can Do It! 


During this pandemic, as the MRSPA office has been closed, your MRSPA staff and leaders have continued to work for you from our homes. Deadlines are being met, meetings are being held via Zoom or conference call, the MRSPA News and Consumer Connection have been written and published, and new members are being recruited. The work continues because We Can Do It! and because it is our mission to support our members, to continue to keep you informed, to protect your defined benefit pension, and to continue to serve our communities.


We remain proud of our founders who 75 years ago, on May 16, 1945, joined together for the good of Maryland public school retirees. We celebrate their can-do spirit and foresight. In the face of this new unforeseen adversity, we will persevere as an organization with your continued membership and support because we are stronger together and because We Can Do It!


Wanda Ruffo Twigg

MRSPA Executive Director