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Executive Director's Message

Wanda Ruffo Twigg

MRSPA accomplished much during our 2023 membership year, but we also experienced a great loss. Past MRSPA President, Frances “Fay” Miller passed away in April after a severe stroke and just a month before her 84th birthday. Many of you who attend your local association meetings likely recall Fay telling stories and encouraging you to “Each One Reach One” during her tenure as president.

Fay joined MRSPA in the fall of 2010 at the suggestion of her sister, Ann, following her retirement after 48 years with Kent County Public Schools. Never one to sit on the sidelines, Fay quickly became involved at the local and state level. Having loved to swim all her life and being a physical education teacher and swimming instructor, she jumped into MRSPA with both feet.

By 2012, Fay was the MRSPA Finance Committee Chair, eventually becoming MRSPA Treasurer, President-elect, and then President in 2016. She also chaired the Bylaws Committee. Fay was de[1]voted to the MRSPA scholarship program and served on that committee until her passing. She was instrumental in increasing the number and amount of our scholarships awarded annually.

When Fay took over as MRSPA president in 2016, the long-time executive director was retiring and a new director was hired. As it turned out, the new director left after six months with the organization. This meant that many of the duties of the director fell to Fay. She ran the road back and forth from her home in Cecil County to Odenton several times a week for months, all while continuing her visits to local associations, running or participating in all the MRSPA meetings, and generally being the listener in chief as problems arose and were resolved. She was hands on in planning and holding all the meetings including the 2017 Annual Business Meeting. Fay helped hold the organization together during a very trying period and true to form, she did it with compassion, humor, the experience of a seasoned administrator, and the exceptional interpersonal skills we all came to love and respect.

Fay held high expectations for everyone and it was a pleasure meeting those expectations to make her happy and to know that if you did, then the job was done right. She knew exactly what she was doing, what she wanted, and how she wanted to get it done. Fay strongly believed in the mission of the association and shared that belief with everyone she met. Her kindness and commitment were undeniable. Fay Miller was the consummate leader and a truly genuine and caring human being. MRSPA is better and stronger because of you, Fay, and we miss you.

Wanda Ruffo Twigg

MRSPA Executive Director

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