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Ann Marie Downey,President

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A Part of the Story


There is so much excitement when young readers first get to choose “chapter books” to read! They recognize that they are reading a longer story in which each chapter is only part of the narrative but is important to the whole.  In celebrating MRSPA’s 75th Anniversary, we recognize that MRSPA has progressed through 75 essential “chapters” to bring us to this point.  New characters are continually introduced to “drive the plot line”, and I’m eager to “read” future installments of the MRSPA story. 


For those of you who enjoy reading for pleasure as I do, you know the mixed feelings of wanting to get to the end of a good book, while at the same time being reluctant for it to be over. If you’re really involved in the plot and like the characters, it’s hard to think of not being immersed in that story.  Similarly, I am ready for my term as president to end when our very-capable president-elect, George Denny, Jr. is installed at the Annual Business Meeting and begins his term on July 1st.   However, in some ways, I am reluctant for my role as state president to end. I have truly enjoyed being involved in decision-making that impacts retired school personnel and I appreciate the many and varied experiences of the last two years. It has been such a pleasure to travel around the state to visit local members at meetings from the mountains to the Shore!  Thank you all for your warmth and hospitality (and excellent food, too)!


I am so thankful for the members of MRSPA’s Board of Directors who have stepped into leadership positions that require vision and pragmatism to guide our organization effectively.  Thank you, too, to those who serve on MRSPA committees, the local leaders, and our membership at large.  Deserving of tremendous gratitude is our very talented, hardworking and wonderful MRSPA staff - Administrative Assistant, Julia Williams, Secretary, Frankie McDonnell; Office Manager, Shirl Scanlon; and Executive Director, Wanda Twigg! 


I hope to see many of you at a future MRSPA event.

Ann Marie Downey

MRSPA President

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