MRSPA “Cs” You...Through

Communication, Commitment, Community

MRSPA "Cs" You...

MRSPA is more than an acronym - it is a mission to protect our defined benefit retirement pension and to inspire the dedication, commitment, skills and abilities of our members in service to fellow retirees and the entire community in an ever-changing world. Going forward, that same mission will be advanced through the theme MRSPA “Cs” You...through Communication,  Commitment, Community. The highly-committed members of the Board of Directors, the dedicated leaders and members in each of our locals, and the MRSPA Executive Director and office staff will continue to work to communicate our purpose as an organization.  And through our commitment to achieving that purpose, we will strengthen our MRSPA community.

It is my sincere hope that each of you will be open to adapting to the new norm in the weeks and months ahead. Your membership matters greatly to the success of our organization. It is important that you
take an active role in helping to make a difference, both in your local and in your community. It is equally important that some of you take the extra step to become involved more actively at the state level.

Meanwhile, I look forward to“C”-ing you throughout the year. Thank you for your dedication and hard work. Stay safe.

President's Message

George Denny, Jr.,President

George Denny, Jr.

MRSPA President