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Check out the savings you can have with the MRSPA free enrollment link. The title takes you to our web page that talks about the program.  The picture links you directly to Fast Park savings. 

2019-2020 Maryland School Guide

School District Publishing is proud to present the 2019-2020 Maryland School Guide.  Please find your complimentary copy via the enclosed link. 

MRSPA President Ann Marie Downey says 

 “Change” is an often-despised phenomenon, but many times it is a welcomed transformation of circumstances.  I suppose how “change” is viewed is determined by whether the change was self-initiated or not.

In May of 1945, were you sleeping in your bassinet, attending or teaching school, working in a factory to support the war effort, or were you not yet a twinkle in your parent’s eye?

The MRSPA News Fall 2019 issue is available for download under News and Events, on the MRSPA Newsletters page.  Your hard copy will be delivered by regular mail in the next few weeks. It is also available by clicking here

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