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Our first online Seminar 1/2021.  See recorded video on YouTube page.

MRSPA "C’s” You…through
Communication, Commitment, Community

Scholarship/Grant News



Please consider a tax-deductible donation to the MRSPA Fund.  Click the link for more information.

MRSPA Scholarship Applications

The scholarship application period is Jan 1 to Jan 31.  Check here for more information.

Please Note: This application may be used ONLY by those who are CURRENTLY EMPLOYED with a State of Maryland Public School Board.

MRSPA Mini Grants

The mini grant application period is Oct 1 to Nov 1.  Check here for more information and application forms.

Our Mini Grant program is designed to support student needs-based projects that are not covered by the school system or parent-teacher organization.


Check out an AARP zoom video here

Other RP news found on "News and Events" page.

Covid-19 News

Maryland.gov Covid-19 testing sites:

Coronavirus - Maryland Department of Health - Symptoms Testing

Maryland.gov Covid-19 Vaccine Info: https://covidlink.maryland.gov/content/vaccine/

COVID Death Benefit Press Release - June 4, 2021

SWITCH to dues deduction, and SAVE $10 on membership dues for 2021-2022!  Click on the above $ link for details. 

Press Release 5-19-2021

Martin Noven named Executive Director of

Maryland State Retirement Agency.  File also found on Pension page.

MRSPA Board members, committees and staff have continued to conduct association business in an organized, dedicated, successful manner.  The Annual Business Meeting in May was “attended” by over 100 members, officers were elected, a budget was adopted, and awards were bestowed.

A title we all have is “member”. We are members of a group of retired school personnel with a long successful history and a bright future, MRSPA. That successful past and bright future are because of you, our members. “Member” is the most important title in our organization.

The MRSPA News Summer 2021 issue is available for download under News and Events, on the MRSPA Newsletters page. Your hard copy will be delivered by regular mail in the next few weeks.

Consumer Education Newsletter July-August 2021

The new issue is on the Consumer Education Committee page and on the News & Events---Resources page.