Renew with MRSPA

How Do I Renew?

There are three ways:  Dues deduction, Check, or credit card.

1. Dues DeductionPrint the  Renewal Form 2021-2022. Check the "dues deduction box, complete dues deduction section, print and then mail form to the MRSPA office.  Do NOT send a check.

2. CheckPrint the Renewal Form 2021-2022.  Complete form, and then mail form with a check to the MRSPA Office. Don't forget to mark the "check" box.

3. Credit/Debit Card: Use the online form below to use a Credit/Debit Card. (Please note that MRSPA uses PayPal to process credit/debit card payments.) However, YOU DO NOT NEED to have a Pay Pal account to pay with a credit/debit card. After completing your information on the form below, click Submit. See the instructions under the form to complete and pay.

4.  Already renewed and want automatic dues deduction next year?   Print, complete, and mail the Switch and Save form to the MRSPA Office.  Switching to dues deduction will SAVE you $10 with a one-time reduction in state dues.

Membership dues are $45 annually for the state association, plus your local dues. Members who pay by check or credit/debit card will receive an annual billing in June.

Billing notices are available by hard copy or by email.  Members who authorize deduction have their dues paid from their July pension check each year.  Dues deduction members will not receive an annual bill.   


Please contact the MRSPA Office if you have any questions, by phone at     

410-551-1517 or

Note:  You may receive error messages if you're using an iPad to fill in the renewal form. You may need to use a desktop instead of a mobile device.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Please note: Dues payment for the 2022-2023 membership year is payable beginning on June 15, 2022.  

(Please note that MRSPA uses PayPal to process credit/debit card payments). However, YOU DO NOT NEED to have a PayPal account to pay with a credit/debit card.



After completing your form information, click Submit $  .

1. To pay as a GUEST:

  • You will then see a Summary of Payment page with YELLOW and Blue PayPal checkout lines. Please click the YELLOW line and continue to CHECK OUT AS A GUEST.) The buttons look like this:

  • On next page after you click on the YELLOW button, click on this gray button at the bottom of the page.  It will let you check out as a guest (with no PayPal account).

  • The next page will show the check amount charged and "PayPal Guest Checkout"

  • Continue to fill out your credit card info and hit "continue" at the bottom.

2. To pay with your own PayPal account click on the Blue PayPal Credit button and follow instructions. You will have to logon to your PayPal account.

MRSPA does not see or keep credit card information.